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WATCH: Police Shown Literally Carrying RULERS To Measure And ENFORCE Social Distancing In Ridiculous Viral Video

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Police officers carrying folding rulers walking around to enforce social distance rules has gone viral today. The main video, and several others from the same part of Hamberg, German, were filmed last night. But don’t let the fact that it was Germany dampen your alarm.

Like everything so far with Covid, whatever happens will spread.

We’ve seen how things are going in Australia and Canada, and Germany is sending out cops with rulers. The left is SEETHING with envy. The talking heads cannot WAIT for this to happen here. Less than two weeks ago the MSM were openly envious of how Europe is doing so much better than we are at Covid fascism.

Well this is what they were talking about:

1.6 million views at the time of this post.

I’m not saying this will happen here, I’m saying the left WILL try to MAKE it happen.

And then we’ll see how that works out for them, won’t we?



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