J.K. Rowling Gets Canceled AGAIN After Stating, ‘The Penised Individual Who Raped You Is a Woman’

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Every ten years or so there is a new Cardinal Sin added to the Big Book of Progressive No-Nos. The most recent additions are all related to “trans” activism. You can’t say the wrong pronoun, you can’t imply the existence or certainty of gender, and you DEFINITELY can’t say that a man pretending to be a woman is — a man pretending to be a woman.

You get cancelled. Which just like Antifa is a thing the media says doesn’t exist but actually does. And the left has never tried so hard with so little success to cancel or just silence ANYONE the way they try to get Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

Rowling is a liberal feminist. She is not in danger of supporting a Republican and has almost nothing in common with your average Trump voter in the USA or anyone who is part of what passes for the right in the U.K. But she is the exact SAME as those people according to the left, because she refuses to treat grown men like they are women.

ESPECIALLY in something as utterly insane as the case of RAPE.

They haven’t silenced her yet. They exclude her from events celebrating her book series, because libs are immature and aren’t willing to actually give up the children’s series or even actively celebrating it, so instead they want to banish the story’s CREATOR from being a part of it. They turn the actors from the movies out to bash her on social media, brainwashed lib kids that they are.

But she keeps refusing to be cowed.

As Matt Walsh points out, it’s not nothing for her to do this.

Now yes, there’s an extent to which she bears some responsibility. Just like Sarah Silverman getting hit from the left as a racist because she stepped (barely) out of line, Rowling’s lifelong liberalism and its infusion into her books bears some part of the blame, big or small. Or rather, even if not direct blame, it’s something for these two women to recognize as a truth about their political home.

But even so, it’s important to have allies who AREN’T just like us, for the sake of credibility yes, but also because that’s the only way you ever win on anything. The libs betraying parents turned plenty of Democrats into Youngkin voters ya know.

Gwen Stefani. Bill Maher. J.K. Rowling. Even the terrible human being Sarah Silverman. Each has a place in the fight against the darkening of the human mind and will by totalitarian, speech-hating, dictators of the woke left.



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