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Ann Coulter Speaks Truth: Leftists Want Conservatives To ‘Just Roll Over and Get Murdered’

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Ann Coulter described the left-wing coverage of Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial as a demand for conservatives “to just stand there and be murdered” when attacked by radical Democrats.

“We are supposed to just stand there and be murdered,” Coulter said in a recent interview. “That’s our obligation, because the media decided they don’t like us.”

Coulter highlighted Rittenhouse’s restrained and skilled shooting abilities in the incident captured on video.

“There are a lot of people Kyle could have shot if it’s just, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m panicked, I’m shooting!’ Oh no, he was very precise shooting someone who was about to kill him, to take his gun, kill him, kill others. I was thinking — as I often do, as I’m sure you and your listeners do — thank God for cell phone cameras.” reports: Coulter noted that Gaige Grosskreutz, a witness in the trial, was essentially forced to admit the truth of events due to existence of video documentation. She speculated that Grosskreutz would have lied about the events in the absence of video evidence.

“There is no way that revolutionary — the one who had his arm blown off as he was pointing a gun feet away from Kyle Rittenhouse’s head — there’s no way he would have told [the truth],” Coulter said. “I was sort of surprised watching his testimony, ‘Oh my gosh. He keeps telling the truth,’ and then I realized there’s a video of this. He can’t deny that. He was pointing the gun at Kyle Rittenhouse from five feet away when Kyle fired.”

Rittenhouse’s marksmanship in disarming Grosskreutz without lethality was praised by Coulter as noted how leftists regularly oppose their political opponents’ use of self-defense.

She stated, “That’s some good shooting to shoot the arm holding the gun. That’s the crazy thing. Liberals are always saying after a shooting, usually [after] a self-defense, ‘Oh, why couldn’t you shoot him in the leg?’ People who know anything about guns know you’re not going to get that precise. You are shooting to stop the threat. You’re lucky if you hit any place on the body and Kyle — bam — right through the arm holding the gun. That was incredibly impressive.”

Coulter also highlighted some background of Joseph Rosenbaum, who was shot and killed by Rittenhouse.

“Joseph Rosenbaum, the first one [Rittenhouse] shot … he came out of a mental institution that day and was still carrying his little medical bag,” she recalled. “He’s been convicted of anally raping five little boys — convicted, served time in prison for that. So, we’re dealing with — obviously — a very mentally ill person. There was a lot of video coverage of him screaming the n-word.”

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