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WATCH: Gaige Grosskreutz Goes On CNN To Tell Unbelievable LIE About What He Said During Trial.. And Anderson Cooper Just Eats It Up

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Gaige Grosskreutz went on CNN last night for a softball interview with Anderson Cooper and completely contradicted his sworn testimony with the suggestion that his arms were actually up when he was shot by Rittenhouse. 

The way he did it was weird. Grosskreutz said this about one of the exhibits introduced in court…

“there’s a photo of me with my gun pointed towards the defendant… I think it’s important to note though that the physiology of my wound would be inconsistent with somebody being shot with their arm in, we’ll say the traditional way you would point a gun at somebody or something. The only way that I could have sustained the injury that I have is if I had been shot with my arms up.”

What the hell is he talking about? Either he had his arms up or he didn’t.

Grosskreutz even admits that the photo showed him with his gun pointed at the defendant, but then claims based on some bullcrap about his wound that it couldn’t have been that way. What a lying a-hole.

He didn’t explicitly contradict his sworn testimony, but certainly suggested that it wasn’t possible for what he said in court to be true. And his lawyer is apparently sitting off screen coaching him, as is evident at certain parts of the interview.

Why didn’t Anderson challenge him on this? Oh right, because they don’t really give a crap about Grosskreutz’s culpability or crime. They just care about hating on Kyle Rittenhouse.

Watch the full interview:



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