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  • WATCH: CNN Gives Hero’s Welcome To Rioter Who Got His Arm Shot Off While Pointing Gun At Kyle Rittenhouse


    CNN rolled out the red carpet and portrayed a rioter, who was caught on camera pointing a gun at Kyle Rittenhouse, as a hero. Gaige Grosskreutz, the 22-year-old Kenosha rioter who had his arm partially blown off by Kyle Rittenhouse after he aggressively rushed at the 17-year-old and pointed a pistol at the child’s head, […] More

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  • Man Shot By Kyle Rittenhouse CONFESSED Intention To “Empty Entire Mag Into Him” According To Deleted Facebook Post

    Screenshots of a now-disappeared Facebook post have gone viral on social media after internet sleuth discovered one of the Kenosha riot shooting victim’s friend posting about visiting the recovering protester in hospital. Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, is alleged to have shot three protesters, killing two, in an act that many have called self-defense. The surviving gunshot […] More

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