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WATCH: Rand Paul Blasts Fauci AGAIN Over His Gain-Of-Function Funding LIES — ‘You’ve Changed The Definition To Try And Cover YOUR Ass’

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Rand Paul blasted Fauci this morning during a Senate hearing over his refusal to admit that gain-of-function research was going on in the Wuhan lab.

Rand Paul starts by laying out the fact that risky gain-of-function research was done in the lab in Wuhan, noting that even the Chinese authors attest to it. But Fauci continues to deny it.

Rand Paul lays into Fauci for trying to change the definition of ‘gain-of-function’ to justify his denials:

What you’re doing is defining away gain-of-function. You’re simply saying it does not exist because you changed the definition on the NIH website. This is terrible and you’re completely trying to escape the idea that we should do something about trying to prevent a pandemic from leaking from a lab.

What you’ve done is changed the definition on your website to try and cover your ass basically. That’s what you’ve done. You’ve changed the website to try to have a new definition that doesn’t include the risky research that’s going on.

Until you admit that it’s risky, we’re not going to get anywhere. You have to admit that this research was risky. The NIH has now rebuked them – you’re own agency has rebuked them. The bad thing is you’re still unwilling to admit that they gained a function when they say they became sicker. They gained in lethality; it’s a new virus. That’s not gain-of-function?

That was just one of the highlights. Be sure and watch the full video for much, much more…



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