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WATCH: Brilliant Video Supercut Shows Liberals Crying That They Only Lost Virginia Because Americans Are Racist

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Tom Elliott put together a SUPERCUT of news hosts and talking heads at MSNBC and CNN claiming that they only lost because racist Americans responded to racist tropes and dog whistles about CRT from Youngkin.

It’s seriously messed up.

Here are some quotes from the video:

“Glenn Youngkin played the race card for reason, because he knows it works on certain white voters.”

“They don’t like the way whiteness is being portrayed in these new, more inclusive lessons”

“The substance of all this was we can’t let these black and brown people run the country.”

“He’s found a way to launder a pretty racist trope. This idea that we cannot talk about America’s history because it hurts my feelings. He’s turned that into a campaign.”

“This is about the fact that a good chunk of voters out there are OK with white supremacy.”

This is utter garbage. CRT itself is what’s racist and opposing it is standing up for truth. But like liberals love to do, especially when they lose, they’ve switched it around to make the opposition ‘racist’.

What’s hilarious about this is that liberals are the ones who love to play the race card. We heard it over and over during the Obama administration, that whenever Republicans criticized him for his policies, they would claim the opposition was racist.

It’s a shame that these networks have enough viewers to still be in business.



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