WATCH: Dementia Joe Tries To Shake Hands With An Invisible Man

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Biden’s campaign was the press, which lies largely in Democratic hands and that’s why they always fail to mention Biden’s obvious decline!

Also, we have rarely seen him since he was sworn as President!

Biden has indeed stepped back — in comparison to Trump and his constant presence in the media, absolutely, but even compared to Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

Biden simply doesn’t say or do very much in public.

He’s content, instead, to allow surrogates, staffers, and Democrats in Congress to take the lead in getting the administration’s message out.

The result is that it often feels as if we have no president at all.

A video that we have for you today shows just why his public appearances are rare!

In the video below you can see Biden as he coughs directly into his hand, tries to shake the hand of the invisible man…then shakes a bunch of people’s hands (after coughing in his hand).


Meanwhile, our kids have to wear masks all day!

The only plan the Democrats have for America is to take down Trump, as if he were one of those statues they like to knockdown. Their only candidate is not Biden, but Not-Trump. Biden is just a clueless old man who happened to be passing by, while what the Democrats are looking for is a plebiscite on the president.

That’s why you won’t hear any bills or ideas, just unrest in the streets, smoke-filled arguments, demagoguery, and tons of panic.

A socialist never comes to power without first getting the voters scared out of their wits. That’s why the Left is happy with the Marxist hordes that raid shops, break into homes, and insult old ladies during prime time. Some shake the tree, and others collect the fruit. The truth of it is that expecting the Left to give up the revolution is as frustrating as expecting me to give up beer.

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