Disturbing New Report Reveals Fauci’s NIH Gave ‘Toxic Brain Injections’ to Monkeys, Drilled Holes in Their Skulls and Implanted Devices Into Their Brains

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Dr. Anthony Fauci’s NIH spent millions in taxpayer funds on cruel and unusual experiments where scientists would “cripple monkeys with toxic brain injections” through implanted devices in their skulls, a disturbing new report reveals.

The evil project has been funded by the NIH since at least 2018 and has received a whopping $16 million in taxpayer funds on torturous experiments that includes:

  • Locking the monkeys alone in small cages.
  • Drilling holes into the monkey’s skulls.
  • Implanting head restraining devices.
  • Implanting electrodes into the monkey’s brains.
  • Injecting toxins that destroy the monkey’s brains, causing them to lose control of their limbs, mouths, and other body parts. reports: During their investigation, the WCWP was also able to uncover shocking footage from Emory University’s Yerkes National Primate Research Center where some of this research was being conducted. The monkeys were locked in small cages and can be seen with head restraining devices sticking out of their skulls.

The metal structures on the monkey’s skull include an electrode that connects directly into the brain, which is what enables researchers to destroy certain areas with toxic chemicals.

According to the video, the wicked tests “cripple the monkey’s limbs and cause tremors.”

In total, Yerkes NPRC holds over 4,000 primates that are used in frivolous and cruel experiments which are opposed by most Americans.

The White Coat Waste Project filed a federal complaint following the discovery of the cruel experiments. In addition to the disturbing nature of the research, the group found that the NIH, along with the National Primate Research Centers, had committed several “cost disclosure” violations when they announced the plans for conducting the research. 

WCWP argues that the usage of taxpayer money on these experiments violated the “Stevens Amendment,” which is a long-standing federal law that requires the publishing of detailed press releases or statements that describe the project and include specific accounting for taxpayer funds.

From WCWP’s report:

“WCW has filed a complaint with the National Institutes of Health after uncovering cost disclosure violations by all seven National Primate Research Centers, the nations largest taxpayer-funded monkey labs imprisoning a combined 22,000 primates and recieving more than $100 million annually. 

The nations top taxpayer funded monkey abusers have been violating a federal law requiring that they publicly disclose the costs of their cruel and wasteful experiments.”

Fauci’s NIH is notorious for violating the act and has repeatedly made a mockery of following its requirements. In 2016, 100 out of 100 experiments that they awarded grants for committed public disclosure violations in one way or another.

The issue has not been fixed either. To this day, the NIH and its grantees have “failed to correct the pattern.”

According to the Washington Examiner:

“The latest spending transparency violations come after the White Coat Waste project found repeated Stevens Amendment violations by NIH grant-recieving institutions performing animal experiments in 2016. Out of 100 press releases that year on taxpayer funded projects worth almost a quarter of a billion dollars, NONE were in compliance with the amendment.

Earlier this year the GAO [Government Accountability Office] confirmed the taxpayer watchdog’s report and called on HHS to enforce the law. In response, the department pledged to “direct all operating divisions to design a process for implementing and monitoring the Stevens Amendment,” but the NIH and its grantees have failed to correct the pattern.”

The ‘toxic brain injection’ research is just one of several concerning experiments that the NIH has greenlighted with taxpayer funds. Some of the other concerning ways they have spent public dollars include:

  1. Turning monkeys into “binge-drinker” alcoholics (Oregon NPRC)
  2. Surgically-inducing heart attacks in monkeys (Washington NPRC)
  3. Exposing monkeys to biological weapons (Tulane NPRC)
  4. Intentionally threatening monkeys to cause fear and anxiety (California NPRC)
  5. Psychologically tormenting baboons (Southwest NPRC)
  6. Drilling into monkeys’ skulls and injecting them with the ADHD-drug Ritalin (Wisconsin NPRC)

The sci-fi-style brain implants in primates are just the latest segment of the Fauci horror show. Recently, it was uncovered that this sick monster also approved large sums of taxpayer money to fund abusive experiments on dogs – even though the research had already been conducted.

The White Coat Waste Project was also the first to blow the whistle on that story. The group used the Freedom of Information Act to uncover several disturbing documents that detailed how Fauci and the NIAID, in an effort to test the effectiveness of a drug treatment, locked healthy beagle puppies in cages and intentionally infested them with flies that were carrying disease-causing parasites.

Researchers also reportedly “cut out” the puppy’s vocal cords, so they could work without hearing their constant cries of pain.

The despicable experiments on beagle puppies were first mentioned on The Gateway Pundit on August 8th and are just FINALLY hitting the national headlines.

Now, #FauciHatesDogs, #FauciDogTorturer, and #FauciTorturesDogs are all trending on twitter.

Typically, this level of unnecessary animal abuse warrants a severe psychological examination.

But not for Fauci, the Left’s infallible woke-priest of progressivism.

“TrUsT tHe ScIeNcE!”

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