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WATCH: Brave Student TRASHES School Board — Explains How Their Mask Mandate Is RUINING School

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Yesterday, a brave student educated the Fulton County school board on how their mask mandate is destroying classrooms and making life hell for students.

She opens by describing how the mask mandate has produced a toxic climate at school, with instructors and administrators acting as mask bullies, harassing and disciplining kids for not wearing their masks or for wearing them below their noses. She claims that some of the same professors that abuse pupils in this manner also wear masks beneath their noses.

She also points out that students were promised the masks were only temporary and that there would be weekly updates on whether they would be optional the following week, but the weekly reports stopped after week two, and the mask mandate is still in effect.

Over the previous eight weeks, the student claims they’ve all attended or observed packed college and high school football stadiums without masks, yet no outbreaks have occurred. She also points out that the number of cases in Fulton County schools has been steadily declining, and she asks the school board to withdraw the mask mandate.




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