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Top Pentagon Official Sounds The Alarm: ‘Biden Has SURRENDERED To China’

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A senior Pentagon official has quit in protest of the Biden administration’s ‘surrender’ to China, which he has predicted will soon overtake the United States as the world’s top superpower.

In a Financial Times interview on Monday, Nicolas Chaillan confessed, “We have no competing fighting chance against China in 15 to 20 years.” “Right now, it’s a done deal; in my opinion, it’s already over.”

Chaillan, who was appointed by former President Trump in 2018, warned that continuing in his position was meaningless given the US military’s current subservience to China.

He cautioned that the United States’ cyber defenses are currently at “kindergarten level,” making the country an ideal target for large-scale hacking operations that may bring the country’s infrastructure and banking systems to a standstill.

While the Democrats have made combatting climate change and promoting ‘woke’ transgenderism their top priorities, they are leaving America susceptible to a Chinese attack on purpose and carelessly. Because America is slipping into mediocrity, China’s excellence will assure its worldwide dominance. reports: Lowering standards at schools and in the workplace doesn’t help underachieving individuals or groups. All it does is dumb down students across the board and undercut American exceptionalism. This is a boon for our foreign adversaries.

Chaillan also blamed tech giant Google — which cheerfully does the bidding of Democrats to push left-wing agendas — for refusing to work with the Defense Department to develop artificial intelligence.

Meanwhile, Chinese tech conglomerates are obliged to work with their government to help them dominate the world.

Chaillan said he plans to testify before Congress about the mounting Chinese cyberthreat in the coming weeks.

Since Joe Biden was installed as president, the United States has been the target of cyberattacks from both China and Russia.

Predictably, Biden refused to confront either country about the escalating cyberwarfare on the United States.

Chaillan resigned in early September and posted a blistering letter to his LinkedIn account in which he torpedoed the Defense Department for putting incompetent, unqualified people in charge of critical military infrastructure.

He said these inane personnel decisions and America’s nonstop elevation of mediocrity have compromised his children’s futures.

“I realize more clearly than ever before that, in 20 years from now, our children, both in the United States’ and our Allies’, will have no chance competing in a world where China has the drastic advantage of population over the US,” Chaillan wrote.

“If the US can’t match the booming, hardworking population in China, then we have to win by being smarter, more efficient, and forward-leaning through agility, rapid prototyping and innovation. We have to be ahead and lead. We can’t afford to be behind,” he continued.

Chaillan pointed out that “we would not put a pilot in the cockpit without extensive flight training; why would we expect someone with no IT experience to be close to successful? … While we wasted time in bureaucracy, our adversaries moved further ahead.”

He is correct that the Chinese Communist Party’s ascension undercuts American dominance on the world stage.

However, the United States’ implosion isn’t due to foreign enemies but to destructive domestic policies that are decimating our economy and eroding the fabric of American society.

And you can blame Biden and the Democrats for the dystopian nightmare unfolding before your eyes.

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