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WATCH: Nevada Public Meeting On COVID Gets WILD As Cops Shut It Down And Rough Up Republican Candidate For Lt. Governor

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Tonight in Clark County, Nevada, county commissioners declared COVID misinformation a public health crisis by a vote of 5-2.

According to Las Vegas Review Journal, the two commissioners who voted against it were worried that this move would be seen as attempting to silence dissent and would drive a wedge between divergent sides.

Apparently the meeting became chaotic during the public comment portion and it looks like it got ugly.

Below is video from GWP of the Republican candidate for Lt. Governor getting slammed through a metal detector by police after getting kicked out of the meeting, with the detector coming down around him and the two officers manhandling him. In the video you see him laying on the ground afterward and he looks hurt. In a video further down, he told officers he has a bad back:

Here’s more from the Review Journal:

Video emerged on Twitter on Tuesday of Mack Miller, a former Las Vegas mayoral candidate who says he is running for lieutenant governor in 2022, being rushed backwards by two security officers in the lobby outside commission chambers.

Miller is pushed through a weapons detector, which nearly comes crashing down, according to the video posted by Twitter user Americanka4, and Miller is seen lying on his back in apparent pain.

A second video posted by the same user, preceding the altercation and which appears to have been shot on cell phone by Miller, shows him inside commission chambers telling security “now don’t get rough” as he narrates that the meeting had been shut down and attendees were getting kicked out.

A raucous crowd can be heard yelling “freedom of speech!”

After Miller seeks a name and a badge number from at least one security officer, Miller claims he was shoved and becomes belligerent: “You’re not going to stop me from protecting these people’s (expletive) rights!” he yells as he is forcefully led outside into the lobby.
County spokesman Erik Pappa said Tuesday the incident was under review.

The commission handles other business before addressing its core agenda each session and the incident with Miller occurred between meetings, Pappa said.

He said a group of attendees became disruptive after security officers asked one person to put on his face mask, requiring officers to clear the room.

GWP also posted video from Miller himself before he was thrown out of the meeting, explaining how he’s already been pushed and shoved. He asked for an officer’s badge number and became belligerent when they kept telling him to leave. This video also shows him, from his own camera, being carried and thrown through the metal detector:



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