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WATCH: HHS Whistleblower Shares Secret Recordings That Reveal US Govt. Is HIDING Serious Side-Effects Of Vaccines — Facebook BANS It

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UPDATE: Facebook and Instagram have already blocked this video from their platforms. I’m sure more will follow so watch and share while you can.

An HHS whistleblower has come forward to Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe, releasing secret recordings of how the US government is claimed to be concealing major adverse effects to Covid vaccines.

Jodi O’Malley, a gutsy master’s prepared registered nurse, is a whistleblower. She teamed up with James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, to uncover the truth about what she has witnessed at the Pheonix Indian Medical Center, where she works.

“The darn vaccine is full of shit!” says Dr. Maria Gonzalas, an ER doctor at Pheonix Indian Medical Center, an HHS (federal government) hospital, in an undercover film. She also indicates that the HHS hospital is failing to report patients who are suffering from COVID vaccine-related side effects.

Ms. O’Malley was asked, “Why are you choosing to blow the whistle?” by James O’Keefe, who also asked if she was terrified. “I wouldn’t say I’m afraid,” she explained, adding, “My faith is in God, not man.” She claimed that she came forward because one of her coworkers, who had recently returned from surgery and refused to have the COVID vaccine due to religious beliefs, took it nevertheless to keep her job and died soon after.

Jodi O’Malley may be seen in the video talking to a colleague registered nurse, Deanna Paris, who acknowledges to O’Malley that the emergency room staff is seeing “a lot” of patients suffering from COVID vaccine-related adverse events, but they are not reporting them. The reports sent to the government’s adverse reaction to vaccine website (VAERS) take too long to fill out, according to Deanna Paris, RN.

Jodi O’Malley is also shown chatting with a hospital pharmacist, who states that they will not provide Ivermectin “under any circumstances for someone with COVID” or risk losing their job.

“Right now, the spirit of fear is afflicting this country,” Ms. O’Malley remarked. “What kind of person would I be if I knew everything there was to know?” This is heinous—this is heinous on a grand scale. You have the FDA and the DCD, both of which are supposed to safeguard us, but they are both run by the government,” she explained.

“Are you concerned that they will retaliate against you?” O’Keefe inquired. “Yeah, I work for the government. She inquired, “How many other federal workers do you see coming out?”


(It appears that Facebook and Instagram have already been censoring this video. I have a feeling YouTube is going to take it down soon as well. I’ll post another version as soon as I see it on Rumble.)



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