Biden Caught Pulling Mask Down And SHOUTING Randomly… At A 9/11 MEMORIAL Service

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Biden was captured at a 9/11 ceremony apparently yelling something, with his masked pulled down, while his wife Jill, the Obamas, and Mike Bloomberg all appear to be in various stages of cringey discomfort.

What was he shouting? Who knows. The Getty photographer said Biden “calls out” in the caption. The media will do everything they can to downplay and whitewash it. There’s 50% chance we never know what really happened.

But what it LOOKS like is he is angry and shouting, and everyone else is super uncomfortable. Getty embed is below the tweets.

That doesn’t look like shouting a fine how do you do to me, y’all. I could be wrong. But sure looks like angry time. Again, though, they’re all definitely the types who would collude to say otherwise, no matter what was actually happening.



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