University Professor Slams 9/11 Memorials As America’s ‘DUMB Little Annual PITY Party’ — It Didn’t Go So Well For Him

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“i see the u.s. is having it’s dumb little annual pity party again” wrote a (he/him) professor of philosophy in a tweet that went over so poorly the little Canadian nerd had to lock his account.

We can’t see it now but there is ZERO doubt he’s tweeting his own laments about being bullied. Seeking pity, you know.

The tweet may have been deleted in addition to the account being locked, but naturally a million screenshots are ready for that.

This philosophy professor from the University of Toronto, Jonathan Weisberg, actually has a website and, if you can believe it, pontificates on POLARIZATION.

Being in Canada he figured he could get away with saying out loud what a lot of liberal (he/him) types here in America also think. But Twitter found him and now he’s run away.

But not far enough to escape his words. They live on the internet forever, now.



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