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The Truth About Biden’s ‘ISIS-K’ Drone Strike Has Been Revealed And It’s Worse Than We Thought

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Remember how the administration and friends in the media, particularly CNN, boasted for weeks about Biden killing an alleged ISIS-K terrorist who was plotting another suicide bombing shortly after the bombing at the Kabul airport killed 13 American servicemembers whose flag-draped coffins were interfering with Biden’s busy schedule of talking about his own son so much that he had to keep checking his watch?

You know, the one that Woke Gen. Mark Milley, who was apparently too busy studying “white rage” to find the real organizers of the attack, said last week that it was a “righteous strike.”

Well it didn’t happen. They didn’t take out an ISIS-K bomber at all;  in fact, it’s much worse than we thought.

According to an investigation by the New York Times, they actually killed an innocent U.S. NGO aid worker, 7 children and 2 others with no relation to ISIS.

This report is from the Times, but the investigation was conducted on the ground in Kabul.  Seems like reporters who are overseas are somehow freed of leftist information suppression, even if only temporarily (see also Ward, Clarissa.)

The evidence is damning, regardless of the source.

His vehicle was loaded with water bottles.

The Twitter thread lays it all out in sequence. The article is here. Seven children were killed in the drone strike.

To add much insult to much injury, the man had applied for refugee status and evacuation for himself and his family. He was afraid that the Taliban or ISIS would see him as a collaborator with the Americans because of the help he’d provided us over the years we were there.

The long war ended not by withdrawal, but by attempted retreat that became a nightmarish disaster.



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