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Dan Crenshaw Reveals Biden and Blinken Are Actively BLOCKING Private Efforts To Rescue Americans Stranded In Afghanistan

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Rep. Dan Crenshaw revealed last night that a private operation is underway to get a planeload of US citizens out of Afghanistan, and all they need is a phone call from Secretary Blinken to transport them to a nearby country but the Secretary is refusing to help:

Blinken is refusing to make a few phone calls while Americans are stranded, according to Crenshaw, who updated us this morning:

And they won’t even give him the necessary contact information even though they said they would:

This is simply another act of betrayal. Joe Biden refused to bring all Americans out of Afghanistan, and now he and Blinken are making it impossible for others to do so. And you can bet your last dollar that it’s because they don’t want to offend the Taliban.

This is what happens when a coward of a president leaves Americans behind in the hands of an Islamic terrorist organization. Biden won’t blow up the equipment and he won’t help get Americans out without the express permission of the Taliban, because doing so might piss these jihadis off and that would put the lives of other Americans still there in jeopardy.

Biden, himself, has effectively become a hostage to the Taliban.



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