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Nancy Pelosi And Her Fellow Allies CRY About Texas Abortion Ban Going Into Effect Today And It’s Beautiful To See

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What a fantastic day in the United States of America! Nancy Pelosi is furious about the Texas abortion ban, which has now become law. She and a slew of her lefty allies are crying on Twitter about how terrible this bill is, and it’s WONDERFUL:

Catastrophe to women? The innocent, the unborn, were the only ones who suffered as a result of this disaster. This isn’t reproductive health care, and it never has been. It’s baby murder, and Texas has just essentially made it illegal. In Texas, it’s a beautiful day!

Here’s more crying from her colleagues:

This is a stunning remark by a black congresswoman, who should know better than anyone that unborn black babies were the ones disproportionately harmed by the despicable practice of abortion.

Other notables…

I’ll leave you with this from Lila Rose:



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