Democrats Heartlessly BLOCK A Bill To Rescue Thousands of Americans Stranded in Afghanistan

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The Democrats have now proven that they care little about Americans and are willing to let them die simply for cheap political wins.

On Tuesday, House Democrats blocked legislation that would have rescued thousands of Americans left in Afghanistan as a result of President Joe Biden’s failed withdrawal.

The plan would have also funded an accounting of the billions of dollars in military equipment left behind for the Taliban terrorist dictatorship by Biden and his woke US generals.

Rep. Mike Gallagher criticized Democrats on Tuesday for defeating his bill in the House, which would have compelled the Biden administration to come up with a strategy to bring stranded Americans out of Afghanistan. reports: Gallagher joined a group of House Republicans in requesting this bill be passed by Unanimous Consent but had his request rejected on the House Floor.

“House Democrats have had not one, but two opportunities to join House Republicans in supporting legislation to hold this administration accountable and do whatever is necessary to save lives. Both times, they declined to join our efforts to do so. This is unacceptable,” said Rep. Gallagher. “American lives are on the line and we have a moral obligation to do everything we can to get them home. Congress cannot sit on the sidelines while hundreds of our fellow citizens have been left behind enemy lines.”

Specifically, Rep. Gallagher’s bill would:

  • Demand a plan from the Biden Administration to bring Americans home,
  • Request an accounting of all the equipment left behind,
  • Require transparency on any deals or agreements made by the Biden Administration with the Taliban,
  • Establish a sense of Congress that that Taliban should not be recognized as the government of Afghanistan, and
  • Prohibit any federal funding or sanctions relief to the Taliban.

Click HERE to watch a press conference led by Leader McCarthy following House Democrats’ decision to block Rep. Gallagher’s bill from being considered.

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