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WATCH: Former British Colonel Calls For Joe Biden To Be COURT-MARTIALED For BETRAYING America With Afghanistan Surrender

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Last night on Mark Levin’s Fox News broadcast, “Life, Liberty, and Levin,” retired British Colonel Richard Kemp expressed his conviction that impeachment is not the appropriate punishment for Joe Biden’s negligent management of the Afghanistan exit.

The world just became vastly more dangerous.

President Biden humiliated the United States—he humiliated the United States Army.

In my opinion— and I don’t say this lightly—and I’ve never said it about anybody else, any other leader in this position—people have been talking about impeaching President Biden. I don’t believe President Biden should be impeached. He’s the commander in chief of the US armed forces who’s just essentially surrendered to the Taliban.

He shouldn’t be impeached, he should be court-martialed for betraying the United States of America and the United States armed forces.

Colonel Kemp was keen to point out that he does not blame the US military forces for the catastrophe that is unfolding in Afghanistan, despite having served and fought alongside them in many locations around the world. “It is the worst foreign policy disaster I have ever witnessed in my life—of any kind—-in any Western country. And I’d go so far as to say it’s the most terrible foreign policy event for the United States of America since at least World War II.” “However, people frequently compare Saigon and Vietnam to what they’re seeing on television right now,” he concluded. I believe it is even worse.”

Colonel Kemp says that Biden’s humiliation of our armed forces has created a greater threat to the Western world than the terrorist attack on September 11th.

Colonel Kemp’s appearance on Mark Levin’s show last night can be seen in its entirety here:

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