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WATCH: Alan Dershowitz SHREDS Courts For Allowing DOMINION Lawsuit — Calls On Americans To ‘FIGHT BACK’ Against The CENSORSHIP

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The courts ruled yesterday to allow Dominion’s anti-free speech case to proceed, a dreadful decision that essentially jeopardizes every American’s liberty and protection from oppression.

Dershowitz appeared via video conference at Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium to chastise the court for the terrible violation of civil freedoms.

“When you take away Mike Lindell’s First Amendment, you’re taking away the First Amendment from every American,” Alan Dershowitz warns.

“If you censor him, you are weakening the First Amendment. And whatever is true of Mike Lindell and MyPillow’s ability to speak is true of your ability to speak,” he says. “Today again it’s the election. Tomorrow it might be health and the vaccines, and other issues, other controversial issues. It will be China, it will be Iran. It will be future elections.”

“I urge you to fight back, and to fight in defense of the First Amendment, freedom of speech, and our constitutional rights,” he said.

“This is not over,” he added. And you better believe it’s not.



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