Mike Lindell Confirms He Was Physically Attacked At Hotel Last Night

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At today’s Cyber Symposium, Mike Lindell took a moment to say he was physically attacked last night at his hotel:

Lindell doesn’t go into any detail about the attack, probably with good reason, but does say this a little while later when he sits back down with the crowd:

“I’m okay. It hurts a little bit. I just want everyone out there to know all the evil that’s out there. We are never quitting until we get to the truth.”

Lindell noted that this is the reason he walks around with bodyguards. He doesn’t like it, he said, because it prevents him from being as free as he wants to be, especially to take photos with people. In fact he said he had a guy walk up to his window last night who wanted photo. He told the guy he couldn’t do it. The guy showed a police badge, but Lindell still couldn’t risk taking a photo because he doesn’t know if that police badge is legit. He simply can’t risk it. And I think that says everything about the state of his life right now and the threats against him.



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