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WATCH: Biden Makes Wild Claim That Over 350 MILLION Americans Have Been Vaccinated. Someone Should Tell Him There’s Only 330 Million Americans

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According the our sleepy President, Joe Biden, not only has the entire population of America been vaccinated, but also another 20 million imaginary Americans as well.

During a press conference, Biden claimed “well over 350 million Americans have already been vaccinated.  They’re doing fine.”

We could chalk this up to a gaffe or a slip of the tongue, but he actually looked down at his noted to check the number before blurting it out.


Here’s the slightly more coherent full clip wherein he stammers about “the vaxxation [sic] of the unvaccinated” and claims “virtually no one has died because of that vaccination” :

It’s amazing how our occupiers act like we can’t even see the news coming out from around the world showing they’re full of s**t.

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