7-Eleven Employee Takes Law Into His Own Hands, Now Charged With Murder After Shooting Multiple Shoplifters

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A 7-Eleven employee is being charged with murder after taking the law into his own hands and going too far.

After confronting two men about shoplifting alcohol from his store and then opening fire on them, killing one, a 7-Eleven clerk has been charged with murder:

FOX NEWS – A Texas 7-Eleven clerk was arrested and charged with murder after he opened fire on two men who had reportedly shoplifted in the store.

The shooting unfolded Wednesday evening in Dallas, when investigators say two men entered the 7-Eleven and stole four cases of beer.

The clerk, 23-year-old Delon Johnson, followed the men to the parking lot and demanded they give the beer back, police said. He then opened fire on the vehicle, fatally striking one of the men, according to authorities.

Johnson called 911 about the shooting, and officers arrived on scene at about 11 p.m.

The injured man was found in his pickup truck about a mile from the store, and died in a local hospital. The other man fled the scene and has not been located.

An investigation into the shooting is currently underway.

“We are saddened by the incident that occurred on Wednesday night. We are working with local law enforcement to provide any information helpful to their investigation,” 7-Eleven told Fox News of the shooting.

When I originally saw the headline, I assumed it was another tale about an irrational prosecution of a store employee who was defending himself.

However, the preceding details do not hold true in a self-defense situation. The robbers aren’t even mentioned as having any kind of weapon. That isn’t to say they didn’t, but if they did, it would be a significant point to overlook.

No, it sounds like an enraged employee chased them out into the parking lot after they stole cases of beer and fired them for refusing to return the beer, even though his life was not in risk. If that was the case, the murder accusation would be justified. You can’t shoot someone for stealing goods from a store unless they have a pistol, a knife, or something else that threatens bodily damage or death. Even in Texas, this is not the case.

Do you think the clerk was justified?  Let me hear your opinion in the comments below.

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