WATCH: Cuomo Claims He’s Innocent Then Blames His Victims In Video So Bad CNN Called It ‘Masterclass In Sociopathic Gaslighting’

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I don’t know about y’all, but for my money “I do it with everyone” isn’t the greatest thing in the world to say when you’re defending yourself against multiple accusations of sexual harassment and a finding from the Attorney General that the harassment was real.

But hey maybe that’s just me. It’s the choice Andrew Cuomo made, though, along with blaming the victims for not ‘understanding’ what he was doing was actually just being helpful and kind.

He went on and on like this.

He even played the media card.

When even lib CNN commentators are abandoning ship, all the bravado in the world probably isn’t doing you much good, Andy.

You can catch the whole presser here if you want to. It’s pretty gross.



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