WATCH: Masked Gunmen Shoot 10 In Coordinated Attack As Crime SKYROCKETS In DeBlasio’s New York

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Another brazen act of violent mayhem was caught on security camera in the Cuomo and de Blasio’s anti-police dystopia of New York City. In Biden’s decaying crime-ridden America, it’s just another day.

Two masked gunmen strolled up to a crowd without fear of being stopped and opened fire, injuring ten people before hopping on scooters and speeding away.

Eight men and two women were hit, including a 72-year old and a 19-year old.

“This was a brazen, coordinated attack, for lack of a better word,” said chief of detectives James Essig. “This is unacceptable, and it has to stop.”

The thing that he is referring to is all out gang warfare, which just happens on a regular basis in America’s biggest city. You know, the one Rudy Giuliani cleaned up when he was in office and that Cuomo and de Blasio have turned into a hellscape. Three of the people who were shot are members of a Dominican street gang.

We import gang violence and Covid across our southern border every day.

Biden’s America ain’t great, y’all.



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