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Marco Rubio BLASTS Secretary Of Defense For “Embarrassing COVID Theatre” For Wearing Mask AND Face Shield In Philippines

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Marco Rubio slammed Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin for arriving in the Philippines wearing both a mask and a face shield despite being fully vaccinated, calling it “embarrassing COVID theatre.”


With a face shield on top of a mask, how do they even know it’s him??? Seriously, you’d think we were back in March of 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic the way he looks.

Rubio, of course, is right.  If the vaccine is effective then what’s the point of this?  It’s pure political theatre to keep the masses scared so that they can continue to push their agendas and trillion dollar “infrastructure” bills.

Marco followed up by dropped a video this morning talking about Biden’s border hypocrisy with respect to COVID:

So Americans are forced to vaccinate and continue wearing masks, face shields and HAZMAT suits while they sleep, but the Biden admin has no problems with thousands of unvaxxed and unmasked immigrants to flood our southern border.

Why does anyone take this administration seriously?



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