WATCH: Chris Cuomo Gets Humiliated During Heated Interview With Restaurant Owner Who Banned Vaccinated Customers

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Last night, CNN’s Chris Cuomo interviewed Tony Roman, a restaurant owner from Huntington, California, who says he only wants to serve unvaccinated people and prohibits masks at his establishment. As you might expect, the very brief interview quickly devolved into a nasty brawl, with each guy insulting the other.

Roman’s point to Cuomo is that he doesn’t get it. Roman claims that his stance is pro-freedom rather than anti-vaccine. He also stated that it is not political, but rather pro-freedom. I wish he had gone into more detail about it in the interview, but Roman has already stated that he has gone on the offensive against his governor’s heavy-handed COVID measures. Even if the governor closes down everything, he remains open. If the governor makes masks mandatory, he also makes them illegal.

Now, in response to Newsom’s request that people be vaccinated, Roman is announcing that he only wants to serve the unvaccinated in his restaurant by posting a sign on the front door that reads “proof of being unvaccinated required.”

Roman is clearly opposed to the governor’s totalitarian actions, and he is punishing him by offsetting whatever he can in his restaurant.

I found the interview fairly amusing because, like Roman with the governor, he wasn’t going to let Cuomo get the best of him. Take a look at it and let us know what you think.




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