WATCH: Ex-Obama Ethics Chief Smashes Hunter Biden’s Art Scam — “He’s Profiting Off The Presidency”

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CNN had Walter Schaub, Obama’s former ethics chief, on today to discuss Hunter Biden’s artwork scam, and he plainly said that it sure looks like the Bidens are trying to profit off the presidency.


Schaub was rather candid about this, saying that by putting an art dealer in charge of keeping these secrets, Biden is really keeping this a secret from the American people. He also noted that the White House lied when they said Hunter wouldn’t know his buyers, because now we know he’ll be meeting all the potential buyers of his artwork at two shows.

It’s hilarious to me that Brianna Keilar asked ‘should we know who these buyers are?’, as if this whole scam can be legitimized somehow. Schaub responded that Hunter Biden shouldn’t even be doing this, “because it sure looks like profiting off the presidency.” But he added if they can’t talk him out of doing it, then they must make the names of these buyers public and be honest about whether one of these art buyers gets a meeting with the president. Which obviously is not what they are doing.

Schaub also pointed out the lunacy of the sale prices being charged for Hunter’s artwork:

There’s no intrinsic value to the art, it’s whatever anybody says they want to pay for it. The problem is they’re buying it from the president’s son at prices you would never see from a first time art sale.

There’s a local artist collective in Alexandria, Virginia just outside Washington DC, where if you go, really well established artists who’ve been doing this for years and have quite a following are selling for two to five thousand dollars. And he’s not even at that level because this is his first sale.

So it really doesn’t matter whether anyone likes his art or not, the question is can you find anyone other than a president’s son who showed up on the scene and started selling for the cost of a house and a half, because $295,000 was the price of the average home sale for the last year and he’s selling for up to $500,000.

The other CNN host suggested maybe Hunter should be selling his artwork under a pen name and then we’d see their real value. Schaub responded by suggesting that if he did it under a pen name he wouldn’t get much for it. Which honestly, tells the whole story. This is all about Biden’s name and the fact that he’s president. He is using his son once again to profit off of his office, just like he did in Ukraine, China, and elsewhere. The Biden crime family is working right out in the open and the media doesn’t give a damn. Sure, they will interview someone like Schaub so they can say they covered it, but they’ll never really go after this administration like they did Trump. No scandals, no sensationalism, nothing. They’re just going to yawn and let Biden do whatever he wants, even if it means profiting off the Oval Office.

And let me just say that Schaub is no right-winger in any shape or form. Just read his Twitter and you’ll be disgusted with this political stances, especially on these new election laws in Republican states. But he’s being very honest and candid about Biden’s artwork scam and he’s 100% not wrong.



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