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WATCH: Biden Gives Really Creepy Answer To Reporter Who Asks If Democrats Want To Defund Police

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Last night Joe Biden was asked about defunding the police, which he adamantly maintains they are not doing. He was then asked if there are people in the Democratic Party who want to defund police, and here’s his bizarre answer:

 “Are there people in the Republican Party who think we’re sucking the blood out of kids?”

Um, what the hell kind of response to a legitimate question is that???

I had to look it up, but what Biden is referring to, whether accurately or not, is Qanon. He mentioned it along with this ‘sucking blood’ thing in his town hall the other night because democrats are obsessed with Qanon.

I think you can take his response one of several ways, but it sounds like to me he’s comparing those in his own party who want to defund police to Qanon conspiracy nuts. Which is really absurd, because unlike Qanon, these Democrats have massive influence in the party, including in their Democratic cities which they’ve already defunded police. New York City, Portland, and Minneapolis, just to name a few.

For Biden to dismiss them like this is nothing more than a lie. We just posted yesterday on other comments he made in his town hall, where he’s wanting police to hire psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers:

Cops are having real trouble. They’re not all bad guys, there are a lot of good guys. We need more policemen, not fewer policemen. But we need them involved in community policing, community policing.

…We have availability now, of over, billion, lots of money, for cops to be able to hire psychologists, psychiatrists, as well as social workers to be engaged in the process.

This is that transform police nonsense that the left is pushing under the guise of community policing and the defund police movement.

While Biden’s position of defunding police may be slightly different, he clearly supports the end goad transformation, which makes him as dangerous as the Democrats defunding their cities.



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