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WATCH: Biden’s Nominee To Head ATF Mocks Gun Owners As ‘Crazy Zombie Apocalypse Preppers’

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The most anti-gun Democrat party in history, allied with the most anti-gun administration in history, is no longer trying to conceal the ball. They are essentially saying to gun owners, “We’re coming for you.”

That’s why no one should be surprised when the GOP released a video of the current nominee for Director of the ATF, David Chipman, criticizing gun owners as crazed Zombie apocalypse preppers. Sure, I’m indignant, furious, and frustrated. But it doesn’t surprise me.

He urges gun owners to secure and lock their weapon and “hide it behind the tuna cans and beef jerky you have stored in the cabinet, and only bring it out if the zombies start to appear.”

“I don’t think they are,” he says about the zombies appearing.

You don’t? You ARE one, David. The zombies are everywhere, now, including the Oval Office. Maybe the problem is the media and people dumb enough to vote for a Democrat don’t recognize the threat.



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