White House ADMITS They Are Targeting Conservative News Outlets And Pressuring Social Media To SHUT THEM DOWN

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The Democrats are no longer keeping their agenda secret.  They are now happily bragging about their plans to curtail American’s Constitutional protections.

The White House revealed today, via Communications Director Kate Beddingfield, that they are targeting conservative news websites on social media sites like Facebook and that they will put pressure on companies to shut them down:

Beddingfield began by saying that social media companies ‘should be held accountable’ for misinformation shared on their platforms, which comes just days after Biden said Facebook is ‘killing people’ before walking it back later.

But she then targeted conservative news outlets, saying “there are conservative news outlets who are creating irresponsible content, that’s sharing misinformation about the virus…”

So let me spell it out for you. The White House is putting pressure on private social media companies to block conservative news outlets they claim are spreading ‘misinformation’, or else the social media companies themselves will be ‘held accountable’. How ominous.

As Ted Cruz explained today on Fox News, the Biden administration loves power and are using their power to try and silence their critics via these social media companies, all in the name of misinformation, which Cruz adds almost always benefits the left:

Cruz also notes that this does violate the first amendment and strengthens Trump’s case against these Big Tech companies, saying that the Supreme Court has long recognized that the government cannot use a private entity to carry out it’s policies.

Watch Cruz’s video for more on this, but here’s a little reaction to Beddingfield’s comments:

Let me remind you that this is similar to what Erdogan did in Turkey to silence his critics. He claimed there was too much ‘doublespeak’ out there and used this ‘misinformation’ tactic to take over entire news media outlets and turn them into propaganda outlets. He also arrested and imprisoned journalists.

While his approach was certainly very heavy-handed, the same end results can easily happen here. We’ve already seen it with Parler, who fortunately had deep enough pockets to survive being ‘canceled’. But many conservative news sites do not have the resources to survive being canceled like this, where not only the social media companies turn on you, but the hosting and services platforms do as well. And that’s what the authoritarian Biden administration is trying to do it’s worst critics, by putting pressure on companies to cancel them.



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