WATCH: Texas Democrat Says He Fled State Because GOP Voter Bill Is Like “Child Abuse”

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One of the cowardly Texas Democrats who fled the state made the most absurd statement when defending himself and his colleagues.

In an interview on Fox News, Texas Democrat Richard Raymond actually suggested to Neal Cavuto that he might flee the state too if he were elected there and the other party was passing a bill legalizing child abuse.

What a ridiculous and entirely inaccurate comparison. When we all know they are standing in the sewer, these Democrats will say anything to try to claim the moral high ground.

Sheltered in a downtown D.C. hotel, the Democratic lawmakers who left Texas to block a restrictive voting bill are living a life of stress and scrutiny.

After bolting the state Monday in order to sabotage the bill by denying a quorum in the Texas House of Representatives, the more than 50 state legislators find themselves balancing a punishing schedule of political lobbying, outside work and family obligations, all under a national spotlight.

Many have left young children behind; most have other professional obligations back in Texas. All seem to be operating on minimal sleep.

“It’s surreal,” said Rep. Gene Wu of Houston. “I can’t even describe to you how weird it has been.”

Wu said he realized just how big a story their exodus had become when they arrived via private plane at Dulles airport on Monday. He overheard a group of German tourists talking in the airport about the fugitive Texas legislators.

And, to make matters worse, the media is fawning over their cause. Here’s an AP item from today that reads like it was written by these Texas Democrats:

What is surreal is how these Democrats are being hailed by the media when obstructing versus how the media is all-in on supporting the removal of the filibuster, which is seen as the only Republican means of obustructing in the Senate.

In related news, here are other House Democrats marching so that black women have the right to vote….or something:

If we had a fair media in this country, these idiots would never be able to get away with this.



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