WATCH: Biden Gives BIZARRE Answer When Reporter Asks Him Question About Facebook

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Joe Biden gave a truly bizarre answer to a reporter who asked him “What would be misinformation? What would be your message to platforms like Facebook?”


Biden responds “They’re killing people… The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated, and they’re killing people.”

What the hell kind of logic is this? This is how fascism begins!

Biden is actually accusing the unvaccinated of killing people. He’s accusing them of murder because they refuse to get the jab. So what’s next? Is he going to force people to take the vaccine to stop the ‘killing’? I mean if what he says is true, then what is he going to do about it ultimately?

His statement is absolutely preposterous, but it’s this kind of absurd hyperbole that ends up with people getting forced to do something that they don’t want to do.

And let me remind you, it is not unreasonable for someone to believe the vaccines aren’t trustworthy. They were rushed through the FDA and we are still learning things about them every day. If Biden wants people to truly trust the vaccines and get the jab, he should shut his damn mouth and focus on getting full FDA approval for them. But instead, he wants to guilt people into getting them by accusing them of murder.

Also, what does he expect Facebook to do about the unvaccinated? Obviously his statement is just more justification for what his administration is doing, which is to censor and silence people’s right to free speech on social media.

The Biden administration is now putting this fascistic cancel culture into overdrive and the media is collectively yawning at this tyranny. But swap out Biden for Trump and you’d have a full-on scandal-geddon, with many calls to have him removed from office.



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