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COVID Police Send Riot Squad To Home To Make Sure 12-Year-Old Girl Is Self-Quarantined

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A Manchester mother is demanding an apology after police arrived in a riot van at her home to make sure her 12-year-old daughter remained quarantined after she tested positive for Covid.

Kathryn Crook said her daughter Charlotte was terrified by the experience, and alleges that the behavior of Rochdale Public Health Officers and Greater Manchester Police was “inappropriate and heavy-handed.”

Instead of speaking with the girl’s parents, police came to the house on July 11th and asked to speak with the 12-year-old, shouting through the door while the child cowered behind her mother.

“I spent Monday trying to find out why this had happened only to be told by Rochdale Public Health Department that they had authorized this to happen,” said the mother.

The family were then visited again by police – this time in a riot van – at 9pm the next day.

“It was terribly upsetting again for my daughter and she had another meltdown again thinking the police were going to arrest her,” said Ms Crook.

As we highlighted last year, police began visiting homes at the end of September to make sure people who were supposed to be ‘self-isolating’ didn’t leave their property.

Another irony to the story is that despite England supposedly celebrating ‘freedom day’ on Monday, when all coronavirus restrictions are supposed to be lifted, people will still be forced to self-isolate and suffer aggressive home visits from police.

Numerous other measures will also remain in place given that the government has told businesses they can still enforce mask mandates while also encouraging them to use a COVID passport system.

So much for ‘freedom day’.

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