WATCH: Students Record School Teacher Casually Sucking On Man’s Nipple During Zoom Class

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Students at the Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, and Engineering got more than they hoped for during a lesson with Profesora Fletcher, demonstrating the risks of Zoom class and having an exhibitionist teacher. During remote instruction via a Zoom session, the pupils uploaded a disturbing video on Snapchat of their Spanish teacher sucking on the nipple of a topless man.

While the focus has been on preventing radical indoctrination of our youngsters through Critical Race Theory, other ‘issues’ with the Zoom class feature have emerged. This is a strong caution to parents who may be oblivious to what is going on in Zoom class. Thank glad the youngsters used Snapchat to share the video…

Fletcher suckles on the man’s nipple in the video below, then turns to face the camera, wiggles her shoulders, and smiles. She then went back to talking about a worksheet.

“It’s the little dance after she sucked the nipple [that did it] for me,” one student said of the short video.

The exclusive report via the NYP shows the 11-second video that landed Amanda K. Fletcher, a Spanish teacher at Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, and Engineering, in the “rubber room” pending a disciplinary process.

Fletcher was subsequently removed from her teaching duties for being “engaged in an inappropriate sex act.”

Photo below of Columbia Secondary School:

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