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  • WATCH: Students Record School Teacher Casually Sucking On Man’s Nipple During Zoom Class


    Students at the Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, and Engineering got more than they hoped for during a lesson with Profesora Fletcher, demonstrating the risks of Zoom class and having an exhibitionist teacher. During remote instruction via a Zoom session, the pupils uploaded a disturbing video on Snapchat of their Spanish teacher sucking on […] More

  • Jeffrey Toobin’s Dick Slip Scandal Is Hilariously Explained In Memes And Cartoons


    It’s difficult to be in the spotlight and not receive extreme criticism. With the added safety of hiding behind a screen, scorching reactions to various mistakes abound on the internet. News has already circulated of New Yorker staff writer and CNN political analyst Jeffrey Toobin “accidentally” pleasuring himself during a Zoom call with fellow journalists […] More