WATCH: Republican From Vietnam SCHOOLS Democrat After He Claims ‘White Nationalism’ Is Greater Threat Than Communism

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Quang Nguyen, an Arizona Republican who fled perilous communism in Vietnam, educated a Democrat who stated that white supremacy, not communism, is the greater threat to America.

This occurred as Arizona Republicans were voting on a bill requiring schools to teach pupils about the dangers of communism. Democrats, understandably, oppose the bill.

Here’s what Nguyen had to say:

From his own personal life experience, Nguyen destroyed the ridiculous Democrat argument about communism:

“Let me tell you something about White nationalism. White nationalism did not drown 250,000 Vietnamese in the South China Sea. The communists did. White nationalism did not execute 86,000 South Vietnamese at the fall of Saigon. Communists did! White nationalism did not put me here. Communism did. So, don’t take it lightly. Don’t mock me. Don’t mock what I go through in life. It’s rough.

I lost most of my cousins, my family members due to communism. If we don’t stand up to teach communism to our children, we will lose this country. So sir, don’t mock me. I’m pissed!”

Of course Democrats want to play down the true evils of communism and socialism, because they are trying to usher it into America. They are radical socialists who will destroy this country if we don’t stop them.

We need more people like Nguyen to wake our children up to this evil. After all, communism in the 20th century is the greatest catastrophe in the history of mankind.



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