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  • WATCH: Republican From Vietnam SCHOOLS Democrat After He Claims ‘White Nationalism’ Is Greater Threat Than Communism

    YES! YUGE!

    Quang Nguyen, an Arizona Republican who fled perilous communism in Vietnam, educated a Democrat who stated that white supremacy, not communism, is the greater threat to America. This occurred as Arizona Republicans were voting on a bill requiring schools to teach pupils about the dangers of communism. Democrats, understandably, oppose the bill. Here’s what Nguyen […] More

  • Obama Accepted BRIBES From Communist Countries According to Newly Released State Dept. Doc

    The State Department’s Protocol Office published documents Wednesday revealing that former President Barack Obama and adviser Ben Rhodes received over $5000 in gifts from the government of communist Cuba, including luxury rum and cigars. The documents reveal that Raúl Castro himself sent Obama the extravagantly valued gifts in the last two years of his tenure, presumably […] More