WATCH: Unexplained Spirals Are Suddenly Appearing in the Skies Over the Pacific

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Over the previous few days, thousands of individuals have reported witnessing unusual spirals in the skies above the Pacific Ocean.

On Friday, June 18, people across the south Pacific islands of New Caledonia, Tokelau, Samoa, and Fiji all reported seeing the same spiral phenomenon in the sky.

Onlookers were perplexed by the enigmatic spiral phenomenon, which they captured on video and photographed and shared on social media.

This is very similar to what occurred in Russia a few years ago. reports: Footage posted on social media shows the spiral shape expanding in size over a matter of seconds, before eventually vanishing in the night sky.

What’s behind this spiral in the skies over the Pacific Ocean?

According to New Caledonia’s Astronomy Association, the culprit was a Chinese rocket that took off from Xichang launch centre on Friday.

Jonathan McDowell, an American astronomer who lists all manoeuvres and orbital launches on the planet, has confirmed it was the second floor of a Chinese Long March 2 C rocket, which took off June 18 at 06 h25 UTC from Xichang launch center, with 4 satellites on board,” Association Calédonienne d’Astronomie posted on Facebook.

“Amaury Bellee, who contacted him, explains: ‘After completing its mission, the floor would have expelled his fuel (from UDMH and nitrogen peroxide) to passivate, i.e. avoiding it exploding into orbit due to the residual pressure in the tanks. This is the phenomenon you’ve been observing.’

The association explains that the strange spiral phenomenon had already been observed back on May 7.

In both cases, less than half an hour before, a rocket Long March 2 C was launched from the same location with the same parameters. So it was also a degassing as explained above.

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