WATCH: Washington Post Video Explains Why You Should Feel ‘Shame’ For Being White

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The “anti-racist” movement in the United States is gaining traction, thanks to a new explainer video from the Washington Post, which suggests that white people should feel ashamed of their skin color and that they should join “white accountability groups” to better understand their inner “white supremacy”:

 WAPO’s description of this video:

Democrats have been on a rip about white supremacy since Trump first ran for president, attempting to demonize him and imply he is a white supremacist, as well as his supporters.

But now they’ve broadened their definitions, implying that all white people are white supremacists or benefit in some manner from white supremacy, whatever that means. And that, if you’re white, you need to search deep within yourself to find the white supremacist residing inside you, along with shame for what your forefathers did and accountability groups to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

This is what the reparation movement and CRT are all about: trying to resuscitate a past that is long dead in order to sell the nonsense that white people should be held responsible for what their “ancestors” done.

The days of not judging someone based on their skin tone are long gone. Oh, what a bright new anti-racist world we live in…



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