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Shocking Conservative Straw Poll Shows Donald Trump Trailing Another Republican For 2024 Presidential Race

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A shocking straw poll this weekend yielded stunning results for who Conservatives support for the 2024 Presidential race. Although former President Trump still has massive support, it was a Republican governor who edged him out among voters.

At the Western Conservative Summit big news broke late Saturday night, when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis beat Donald Trump in a 2024 straw poll.

The conference, which was the site of Antifa rioting all weekend too, btw, did the straw poll through the Kairos Company, using the approval method. That means people could choose multiple candidates for the question.

It’s a common and effective way to do a straw poll, because it gets the mass take of who is liked the most, non exclusionary.

On the question of the 2024 Presidential Election, respondents/attendees were asked to “vote for all candidates you approve of for President in 2024.”

The result was 74.12% for DeSantis, 71.43% for Trump.

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