NOT Satire: Woke Lib On TikTok Calls Her White Skin “ENEMY UNIFORM”.. Then It Gets Worse

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You want an example of where our country is heading with the next generation?  Look no further than TikTok.

Here is just one example. This is where the world is headed. It’s where a lot of America already is. And what it is is: totally bonkers.

It’s a TikTok lib who received a comment regarding colonization. But she responded to the commenter by adding, “Yes, correct, I’m a colonizer.”

She claims that she can “work” as hard as she wants and “read Malcolm X every day” and still make “racist mistakes” and injure others.

You see, she’s a colonizer. She also doesn’t expect anyone to believe in her. What’s more, do you understand WHY? Because she’s “wearing in this skin color.”

“I’m wearing the enemy’s uniform.”

That part about the enemy’s uniform? That is exactly what liberals and BLM believe. Make no doubt about it.

In light of the apparent response, this lady has released a second TikTok in which she seeks to clarify her remarks. And I’m going to provide it in this post for you to hear. But don’t be fooled. What was the very first thing she said? That’s what she believes deep down in her hateful heart. Every day, it’s what all Democrats believe or profess to believe. And it is this sentiment that BLM and Critical Race Theory are aiming for. To achieve THAT end goal. The outcome of the “enemy uniform.”

This second video serves solely to protect her TikTok brand. And it’s only after she was chastised by a black commenter that she feels compelled to apologize for being racist in her apologies for being racist!

AND she doesn’t even take it back, she just changes the words she’s using to say the same thing.

Watch. It’s pretty sad.

@jamie_gosling Reply to @stephaniemiller160 Thank you for calling me out Stephanie.

♬ original sound – Jamie Gosling

I feel sorry for this wretched soul. She isn’t just misguided, she’s been led into the wilderness, brainwashed into madness.

THAT is what they want for your kids.



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