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Facebook’s Stunning Confession: Our Fact Checkers Are ‘Highly Biased’ With A Secret Political Agenda To Eradicate Conservatives

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The Vice President of Facebook recently confessed that the company’s “fact-checkers” are prejudiced and have a hidden political agenda that they carry out through their relationship with Facebook.

Former British Deputy Prime Minister and current Facebook VP Nick Clegg stated in a European Commission document that Facebook’s fact-checkers, who censor so-called “fake news,” are secretly pursuing a political agenda aimed at eradicating conservatives from the online community.

Clegg made the startling remark to EU authorities last November during conversations regarding the internet giant’s handling of misinformation on its platforms.

In 2016, Facebook introduced its fact-checking initiative in the hopes of preventing future events like President Trump’s election and Brexit.

Many people applauded Facebook’s move, but others were eager to point out what looked to be instances of prejudice in the implementation of the new fact-checking policy, according to Facebook has been accused of restricting public discourse by blocking valid content. Most recently, the firm has been accused of blocking reports about the possibility that coronavirus may have leaked from a Wuhan facility.

Facebook had been removing or placing warning labels on stories linked to this hypothesis for months, until President Joe Biden ordered an investigation into the claims last month, when it completely reversed its position.

The minutes of the meeting state: “He [Mr Clegg] also stressed that independent fact-checkers are not necessarily objective because they have their own agenda.” Former UK Cabinet Minister David Jones commented on Clegg’s statement, saying that it was “deeply worrying.”

Jones added: “The admission completely destroys the credibility of Facebook’s own procedures. It offers news organizations no right of appeal when it censors them, even though it may have acted on the advice of fact-checkers who are motivated by ‘their own agenda’.”

“‘Nick never suggested there is bias in our fact-checking program,” Facebook said in a statement. “One advantage of having a number of independent fact-checking partners, he said, is the variety of specialties they bring from different nations and topic areas.”

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