WATCH: The Left FINALLY Embracing Lab Leak — Jon Stewart Mocks Idea That COVID Came From Nature

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Last night Jon Stewart was on with Stephen Colbert and essentially went all in on the theory that COVID came from the lab in Wuhan, even mocking the theory that it came from nature:

You could tell Colbert wasn’t really buying it, as he tried to defend the natural origin idea:

It could be possible that they have the lab in Wuhan to study the Novel Coronavirus diseases because, in Wuhan, there are a lot of Novel Coronavirus diseases because of the bat population there.

Stewart mockingly dismantles his argument:

“Sure, I understand, it’s a local specialty and it’s the only place to find bats. You won’t find bats anywhere else – oh wait, Austin Texas has thousands of them that fly out of a cave every night at dusk! Is there an Austin Coronavirus? No there doesn’t seem to be an Austin Coronavirus. The only Coronavirus we have is in WUHAN!”

The segment is pretty funny and it’s nice to hear someone defend the obvious for a change in liberal circles. Watch the video for much more…



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