WATCH: Dementia Joe Has Another MASSIVE Brain Slip When Asked About Putin

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Biden was asked to respond to comments made by Vladimir Putin today after being almost two hours late to his G7 news conference, and he began by smiling and joking. Then, when asked if he still believes Putin is a serial killer, Biden was speechless for a long time. I mean, a looong time. Almost uncomfortably long:

Biden just stops talking for nearly ten seconds as he thinks (or listens), before answering regarding his old comment that Putin is a killer. Of course he played his old comment down, saying it’s not really relevant.

Was it a dementia moment? Was he listening to someone in his earpiece? Or did he just take a really long time to collect his thoughts?

Here’s another clip from the press conference where Biden’s mouth seems a bit out of sync with his thoughts….

When asked about Republicans by a hack reporter, Biden trashed them and made some pretty outrageous claims:

Given his answer you’d think Biden won the election by a landslide or something. But we all know that isn’t the truth. The country fought hard to defeat Biden and if it weren’t for this stupid pandemic and all the fraud that came with it, he wouldn’t be at the G7 now or in the White House.

Biden is a complete joke.



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