WATCH: FOX Reporter Says She’s Been Secretly Recording FOX Employees And Is About To Break A Scandal With Project Veritas

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A Houston FOX reporter named Ivory Hecker actually told viewers on-air tonight, in a segment about the summer heat, that she’s been secretly recording behind-the-scenes footage of her fellow employees and is taking the video to Project Veritas, who will be airing it beginning tomorrow:

Here’s exactly what she says in the video:

Before we get to that story, I want you the viewers to know that FOX Corp has been muzzling me to keep certain information from you the viewers and from what I am gathering I am not the only reporter being subjected to this. I am going to be releasing some recordings about what goes on behind the scenes at FOX because it applies to you, the viewers. I found a non-profit journalism group called Project Veritas who’s gonna help put that out tomorrow. So tune into them.

Wow. This sounds like it’s gonna be YUGE if a reporter is telling the viewers in Houston about this. Can’t wait to see it!



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