MSNBC Host Gets SCHOOLED For Shaming Restaurants Unable To Hire People, Arguing They Should “Pay More”

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Yesterday MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle jumped on Twitter and actually blamed restaurants for not being able to hire people, challenging them to come on her show and discuss what they did with the money Congress gave them:

She actually blames these restaurants for not paying more in order to attract workers. That’s just like something a leftist would say, especially one who has never owned a restaurant and tried to find the right balance of labor costs and attracting customers. And I’m sure she probably wants these restaurants to pay $15/hr or something, which would likely kill many restaurants.

The thing is, Ruhle knows exactly why the country is in a hiring crisis right now, and it’s because the federal government and states are doling out so much money in unemployment checks that people make more on unemployment than they would getting a paycheck. So they aren’t out looking for jobs because they are comfortable on government assistance.

But instead she decides to blame restaurants, and she got schooled yesterday because of it:



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