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  • Sorry Business Owners, Biden Wants To Make PPP Loans About Race Instead Of Economy


    Once again America is slapped in the face with the moral hypocrisy of the Left. The Biden administration is fully embracing “systemic racism” as a matter of official policy. How? By turning aid for small business-owners into a political show pony. Millions of Americans are far behind financially as COVID restrictions continue to wreck havoc […] More

  • CROOKED GA Candidate Warnock Used PPP Loans To Net Nearly $500k For His “Voter-Registration” Biz!


    While Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock has slammed his Republican opponent for “playing political games” with COVID-19 relief, the voter-registration group he ran raked in $482,000 in coronavirus bailout money. The New Georgia Project, a voter-registration nonprofit founded by Stacey Abrams and helmed by Warnock until earlier this year, took in the nearly half-million-dollar sum from the Paycheck […] More