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BUSTED: Scientist Who Funded Wuhan Research Thanked Dr. Fauci For Lying About Source Of COVID To Cover For Lab Leak

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Yet more juicy details have emerged with the latest trove of Fauci’s emails leaked this week. We now learn that the man at the center of the NIH funding of research at the Wuhan Virology lab in China, Peter Daszak, actually thanked Fauci last year for playing down the lab leak theory and pushing people toward the natural spread theory from bats:

Notice how Daszak complains about Fox News reporters targeting the grant money. That should tell you a lot.

In case you aren’t familiar with Daszak, here’s a quick rundown courtesy of New York Times writer Nicholas Wade’s interview with Mark Levin:

Fauci’s organization, NIAID, gave grant money to an intermediary, EcoHealth Alliance, for the purpose of testing and creating more coronaviruses. Wade indicated this is a legitimate role of the NIAID, especially after the previous SARS epidemic, and that Fauci had a duty to create more virulent coronaviruses in a lab so they could then determine what to do about them.

Peter Daszak, the president of Eco Health Alliance, then gave the money to the Wuhan virology lab, which we later found out was operating at a much lower degree of safety than what it necessary for this kind of work.

Finally, when the epidemic actually happened, Daszak penned a letter in the Lancet journal saying it could only have come directly from animals and not from a lab, and declaring that he had no conflict of interest on the matter. But he DID have a conflict of interest – a huge one in fact – because he would have been seen as at least partially at fault if the virus had come from the Wuhan lab. This conflict was not made known to the readers of the Lancet.

Thus it was Daszak’s opinion (and that of another mentioned in the video) which the media ran with, declaring everyone who favored the lab leak as conspiracy theorists.

Daszak looks to have been protecting his own backside with the lancet article he wrote suggesting there’s no way the coronavirus could have come from a lab.

In regards to the email above, I’d love to know what is being hidden under the big gray box. According to Kerpen, something could only be redacted for law enforcement purposes:




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